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Welcome to Sciences

Science at Reading Blue Coat covers all of the key areas needed to succeed, teaching the skills needed to experiment, collect evidence and draw conclusions. Practical work is a core feature of our teaching and we will always help our students make sense of challenging concepts by putting material into familiar contexts, using real world examples.


Mr Andrew Colville, Head of Biology

Mr Mike Jerstice, Head of Chemistry

Mr Benjamin Schuler, Head of Physics

The department is a vibrant one staffed by enthusiastic experts who bring this living subject to life in new and exciting ways.

Chemistry is the central Science, and at Reading Blue Coat we teach our students to enquire, analyse and evaluate in order to understand the fundamental nature of the world we interact with. Understanding the nature of matter at the atomic level allows us to engineer smart materials, analyse medicinal applications and solve the environmental problems that have arisen since the industrial revolution.

We study the fundamental value of the Universe developing skills that are useful to engineers and other careers where interpretation of data is key.

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