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Welcome to Economics and Business

The Economics and Business department is one of the most popular in the Sixth Form, where currently 129 students in year 12 and 13 are studying Economics or Business A level. The tools of analysis, application and evaluation are promoted in all teaching within the department using a wide range of contextualised resources. We encourage independent learning and critical thinking in order to enable students to develop their understanding outside of the classroom environment. Lessons are taught by committed, experienced and well qualified specialists.

Mrs Kerry Bayliss, Head of Economics and Business

Economics a great subject for those with questioning minds, curious about what goes on around them. A Level Economics aims to give an insight into key issues in the news affecting everyday life. Our goal is to allow you to understand the forces driving things like social policy, mergers and acquisitions, international trade, the price of oil, exchange rates and the level of unemployment in an economy.

Business A level aims to equip students with the ability to answer the following types of question: How did the founders of YouTube manage to create a business worth over £800m in less than two years? What should be the key markets overseas for UK businesses? Are zero hours contracts acceptable?


  • Markets and market failure
  • The UK economy, performance and policies
  • Theory of the firm and labour markets
  • The global Economy


  • Marketing and people
  • Managing Business Activities
  • Business decisions and Strategy

Facts and figures

  • Percentage of Sixth Form students studying Economics or Business at RBC47%
  • Percentage of Sixth Form students achieving A* - B in Economics in 202097%
  • Percentage of Sixth Form students achieving A* - B in Business in 202090%
  • Percentage of RBC students choosing economics or business related degrees in 202027%

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