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The Classics Department is responsible for teaching three subjects at Blue Coat: Latin, Classical Civilisation and Classical Greek. Latin is taught to all boys in years 7 and 8; sets are streamed with higher sets learning a little Greek and lower sets progressing at a more comfortable pace with more teaching of the myths and historical context of the Roman world. In year 9 boys choose to continue with Latin or not and the subject is available to GCSE and A level. The OCR syllabus is followed for both examinations. Classical Civilisation is only available for A level study; areas covered include the Epic poetry of Homer and Virgil and a study of Greek Theatre and plays by Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes.

Mr Sean Lambert, Head of Classics

Facts and figures


of pupils achieved a Grade 9 at GCSE in 2020


of English words have roots in Latin or Greek language

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